Figure cervix

Figure of the cervix: stroking the cervix (A - C)


  1. Cervix - Cervix uteri
  2. Inner cervix -
    Ostium uteri internum
  3. External cervix -
    Ostium uteri externum
  4. Uterine cavity -
    Cavitas uteri
  5. Columnar epithelium
  6. Cervical canal
    with fan-shaped folds -
    Canalis cervicis uteri
  7. Squamous epithelium
  8. Sheath - vagina
  9. Uterine body -
    Corpus uteri
  10. Cervical canal
    (with mucus plug) -
    Canalis cervicis uteri
  11. Hardened muscle tissue
    (Stretching and thinning)
    of the cervix -
    schematic representation:
    A - Closed
    (Length of the cervix is ​​approx. 5 cm)
    B - Half open, elapsed -
    Length of the cervix should be until just before
    should not be less than 2.5 cm at birth
    (Risk of cervical weakness -
    Zvascular insufficiency)
    C - Fully open and complete
    elapsed cervix

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