Nose hairs


Nose hair is perceived by many as annoying and unaesthetic.

Nose hair is the hair that grows out of the inside of the nose. They are relatively thick compared to hair on the upper arm or legs, and are dark brown to black in most people. Nose hairs are only a few centimeters long, but can grow out of the nostril, especially in older people. This is considered by many to be unaesthetic and is considered a sign of poor personal hygiene.

Although nasal hairs are generally perceived as annoying, they have an important function in breathing. Nose hairs block larger dirt and dust particles as they enter the airways and thus protect the windpipe and lungs from foreign bodies. Even smaller creatures, such as insects or arachnids, which want to penetrate the nose at night, for example, are prevented by the nasal hair. If larger foreign particles reach the airways, the body usually reacts with a coughing attack. In this way he tries to get rid of the exogenous material. For example, if people no longer have a cough reflex due to serious illness or loss of consciousness, any foreign body can lead to inflammations and infections of the respiratory tract, which unfortunately are rarely banal.

Thus, before nose hair removal, you should consider whether you want to do without a natural barrier in the airways. Young and healthy people should, however, not worry much about putting their health in danger by having their nose hair removed, since the cough reflex, the cilia of the windpipe and the body's immune system are much more important for an effective defense.

How to remove nose hair

Many people want to remove their nose hair when they do visible outside the nostril become. One reason for this is that nose hairs that are too long are commonly considered to be unkempt and unaesthetic be valid. There are many different ways to remove nasal hair. For one thing, the nose hair can go through Pluck respectively Tear out with tweezers be removed entirely. This type of nose hair removal is very painful and not entirely unhealthy either. On the other hand, the nose hairs shortened until they are no longer visible. This can be done by a Nose hair trimmer or -trimmer respectively. A big advantage of this route is that simple feasibility and the Freedom from pain. Also is the cutting of the nose hair not so traumatic to the nasal mucosa compared to pulling out the hair. The only downside would be having the hairs on your nose trim more often must as if they were completely removed. Beauticians and also doctors can also use a permanent removal of nasal hairs carry out. The nasal mucosa is treated in several sessions with one laser treated. This will make the Hair roots destroyed and cannot regenerate either. The result is a lifelong lack of growth of the nose hair. However, this method is quite complex and expensive, which is why you should carefully consider whether the effort and the expected goal are in a good relationship.

To sum up, the removal of nose hair is a purely aesthetic problem is and by no means a medical one.

The Plucking or tearing out the nose hair is considered to be outdated and is no longer carried out because of the disadvantages listed above. A permanent removal of the nose hair by means of laser is not yet widely used. The reasons for this are certainly the price and the complex procedure. The currently best method to remove nasal hairs reliably and safely is that Trim. With custom made Nose hair trimmers nose hairs can easily be shortened in a few seconds. Alternatively, you can also use a special nasal scissors or one usual nail scissors cut. Here, however, you have to be careful not to cut your nasal mucosa and cause it to bleed.

Plucking / tearing out

Long and visible nose hairs are generally viewed as unaesthetic and are therefore often removed or shortened until they can no longer be seen. At the Plucking or tearing out the nasal hair is often one tweezers is used to pull the individual hairs out of the nasal mucosa with a strong pull. This is commonly called the very painful and uncomfortable felt, especially since everyone has a multitude of hairs in their noses. In general, this method is used for nose hair removal only rarely used. Not only because of the severe pain, but also because of the Injuries to the nasal mucosacaused by the strong pull on the nose hair. Because of the tear it comes to small cracks and sometimes even open wounds in the nosethat too blossoms can. With every open wound in or on the human body Risk of ignition as part of an infection or wound healing disorders. Thus it comes to Scarring and thus to one Destruction of the nasal mucosa. This damage is irreversible and should not be taken lightly. Scars pull the tissue so that it can become deformed. These can hinder breathing and lead to snoring even at night.

It should also be noted that there is a Misconceptione is that torn hair no longer grows back. Although the hair root takes a little longer to regenerate, the hair grows back after a few weeks. So it makes no sense to have the nasal hairs removed permanently by plucking.

In summary, the principle of plucking or tearing out the nasal hairs should no longer be carried out because it now less painful and healthier methods gives. This includes cutting or trimming your nose hair. Although you have to use the trimmer more often than the tweezers, the advantages of the less painful method outweigh the majority.

Cut nose hair

In addition to plucking and tearing out, cutting or that Trim a sensible way to cut. When cutting, with a special nasal scissors or one usual nail scissors Action. The scissors will carefully inserted into the noses and cut off the individual hairs with the tip of the scissors. In comparison to superficial hair on the body, it is not necessary to ensure that the hairs in the nose are of the same length, since they cannot be seen from the outside anyway. The only important thing is that too long hairwhich grow beyond the nostril like this cut off so that you can no longer see them. When cutting with scissors, however, should always proceeded very carefully otherwise carelessness can lead to the Nasal mucosa injured becomes. This creates a open wound in the area of ​​the nasal mucosa which bleeds and itself potentially ignite can.

Because of this, these days it is more like one specially made nose hair trimmer seized. This is designed so that he fits perfectly in the nostril and shorten the hair with small blades. Injuries to the nasal mucosa are due Safety precautions on the trimmer rather rare and not to be expected. The process itself only takes a few seconds and can easily integrated into the morning body care routine become.

Overall that is Cutting or trimming the hair of the whole hair removal by pulling out the nose definitely preferable. The shortening is painless and health risks do not arise when proceeding carefully.

One downside is that there is nose hair cut more often than need to be removed. So above all must elderly weekly reach for the trimmer to keep the nasal hair at the correct length. Young people usually have fewer problems with nose hair that is too long, which is why it is only shortened when necessary.